Friday, September 4, 2009

Your Moment of Zen

Do we keep the Scorpions up late at night?

The Arizona Scorpions may have clobbered us this week, but we're certainly on their minds. In fact, “Chicago” is one of the biggest items on the Scorpion blog tag cloud. Do they write about us because despite their good fortune in beating us three times this year and last, they secretly fear we’re a smoldering fire ready to ignite and that their string against us is about to end?

Yes, that must be it.

Anyway, their bloggers have done an interesting job of analyzing the games from this week's match, so have a look, here and here.


EJ said...

You guys are an interesting team. I also think it has to due with you being our first opponent this year.

I expect the cloud to reshape with each coming week. But we play you twice this season, so who knows? :)

Tom Panelas said...

Yeah, I actually kind of figured that was the reason and that the names of the other teams will swell in your tag cloud as you play them. But you can't blame a poor blogger for stretching a bit for a pretext to do a post.

You folks have a well-oiled machine out there in the desert, on and off the boards. Very impressive.

Reshape the cloud -- I like that. See you (virtually, that is) in a few weeks.