Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Felecan Shares State Championship

Congratulations to FM Florin Felecan of the Chicago Blaze, who finished in a tie for first place with IM GM Mesgen Amanov in this weekend's Illinois Open. The two players, who both went 5.0/6 for the weekend, are now the co-champions of Illinois.

Other Blazers playing in the tournament were IM Angelo Young, Trevor Magness, NM Eric Rosen, and Assistant Manager Daniel Parmet. Special congratulations to Blaze tech guru Sevan Muradian, who went undefeated in his section and raised his rating to 1744. Sevan's rating has spiked about 250 points in the past year. Is he doing de la Maza?

Left: Florin Felecan ponders his position in last year's Blaze match against the Baltimore Kingfishers.

photo: Betsy Dynako


Chaos said...

GM Mesgen

Tom Panelas said...

Right you are. Corrected above. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I saw you guys sporting those nifty Blaze shirts at the IL Open, even saw some for sale but they were XL size.... do you have that shirt in 2xl for the more portly, robust (OK fat I said it) fans of the Chicago Blaze???

If I were to come to rubberneck during a blaze match can I pick one up?

glennpan said...

I don't believe we printed them in 2XL. But I am sure we will be doing another run of them and will be glad to let you know. Drop me an email so I can get in touch with you when I have details.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous is so right-- the Blaze shirts are all the rage – this fall’s windy city fashion statement!

In the Chicago tradition, if you want one, I suggest you order early and order often.

brad (fka chessdad64)

glennpan said...

Ok, I was actually wrong on that, we do have a few 2XL shirts, and if you want to drop by the match tonight we can sell them while supplies last.