Thursday, October 29, 2009

It’s Over

We have one more match to go this season, but our playoff hopes have been dashed

Note to those perennial optimists among you who were sure the Chicago Blaze would come from behind in the Western Division playoff race to clinch a postseason berth at the last minute, then go on a three-match November winning streak against the best teams in the league and emerge as the 2009 USCL champions: wake up and watch the flag fall. It’s not gonna happen.

Last night the Miami Sharks played to a draw against Boston, clinching the division’s fourth playoff spot and mathematically eliminating the Blaze. And as you know, math rules. This morning Blaze assistant manager Brad Rosen spoke for all Blaze fans—nay, for all residents of Chicago and citizens of the great state of Illinois—when he said, as we so often do here in the Windy City, “Wait till next year.”

In other news, the seemingly invincible Seattle Sluggers, whom we play next week, lost their first match of the season last night to the Arizona Scorpions. What effect if any this will have on Seattle’s attitude, state of preparedness, or lineup for next week I leave it to you to speculate. (Hint: That’s why blogs have comment threads—so I don’t be talking to myself all the time out here.)

In yet other news, here’s how the New Jersey Knockouts lorded it over the Inventors in the run up to their second victory against Philadelphia this year. (The first time, you’ll recall, the KOs infringed on their opponents’ patents, or something like that, after, of course, kicking the Carolina Cobras’ asp.)

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Anonymous said...

Goodbye! Till we meet again.

NJKOs said...

Ben Franklin is second only to Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in my personal pantheon of heroes. If you don't know who Chamberlain is, I advise you look him up.

Most of the time, I take care to create the photoshopped pictures and terrible puns in the headlines. This week was different -- the pun "New Jersey Turns Pike on Philadelphia" came to me quickly, but I could not figure out what to do with a picture. Then, my blogger gave me the article, it was very soon before the match, so I panicked. Deface Ben Franklin! That's it! :-\

Tom Panelas said...

It all kind of makes sense now, in a crazy kind of way. What strange things emanate from the minds of chess players.