Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Game

When IM Jan van de Mortel of the Chicago Blaze decided to play the Leningrad Dutch this week against GM Jaan Ehlvest of the Tennessee Tempo, he was “blissfully ignorant,” he confesses, of the fact that his opponent had published a book on the opening and had played it to winning ends in recent games.

That’s just one of the pithy observations Jan makes in his analysis of the game, which is now posted on the Blaze site.

Would he have chosen a different opening had he known about GM Ehlvest’s 1994 treatise, The Leningrad Dutch? I don’t know, but all’s well that ends well in the words of the immortal Bard, because Jan beat the higher-rated grandmaster to win the USCL’s Upset of the Week prize. It was GM Ehlvest's first loss in the U.S. Chess League.

The Jan-Jaan contest also finished second for the league’s overall Game of the Week Award, and, incidentally, just two notches ahead of IM Angelo Young’s victory over FM John Bick, which came in fourth in the judges’ voting.

It was a good week for the Blaze.

See Jan’s annotations here.

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Anonymous said...

Ehlvest was the Author. He played the Dutch, not Jan van de Mortel. Jan had white and played d4.