Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Other Game of the Week

While we prefer to tout games that the Blaze win, the USCL, for understandable reasons, has chosen as its Game of the Week this game in which San Francisco's IM Vinay Bhat beat IM Emory Tate of the Blaze. It was a truly wild game:

More at the USCL blog.


Anonymous said...

Nothing special! Just wild game. Nothing to learn to become a GOTW.

glennpan said...

I don't think anyone disputes that it was the most entertaining game of the week. IMO the GOTW does not have to be a lesson, buy a book or a magazine for those, it just needs to be enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Exciting? When there were too many mistakes. To be honest I don't even understand the game, Im sorry!.(amateuristic play)

glennpan said...

Sure there were flaws, to me that doesn't detract from the excitement. It also was the most watched game that week, and independent voters thought it was worthy.

On one hand you say amatuerish play, on the other hand you say you don't understand the game. Which one is it?

I hope you find some of the games more worthy this week as we attempt to stomp the Tempo.