Friday, September 5, 2008

The Big Squeeze

Blaze Game of the Week: Naroditsky vs. Young

“A knight on the rim is grim,” as chess players always say. But if you can force your opponent’s knight into the corner, where two “rims” meet, well, as Chessdad64 says, “A knight in the corner will make you a mourner.” Or maybe Sevan Muradian said it first.

No matter. What matters is that IM Angelo Young did indeed force a knight of San Francisco's FM Daniel Naroditsky into the h1 square during their game this week, rendering it ineffective. With strong pawn pushes, first on the queenside and then the kingside, Angelo squeezed his opponent and won the game.

Here it is. There’s no annotation, but I figure in this age of “user-generated content” we can count on you to supply that in the comments section. Those of you who know something about chess: please have at it.

Update (09/08): The game is now annotated here.


Mark Ginsburg said...

People could not believe their eyes at 19. g4??

This grotesque blunder had already been committed by Naroditsky at a slower time control, US Champ. qualifiers in Tulsa, OK. There, also as white, he played g4?? donating f4 to Friedel and Friedel duly won!

glennpan said...


Great point! I hadn't watched those games at the qualifiers. It is surprising he would make that same mistake again. I should have noted the weakness g4 created on f4


Anonymous said...

g4 ! is the only chance to survive long.