Monday, December 21, 2009

Let Us Give Thanks: the Players

We have much to be thankful for in the Chicago Blaze season recently concluded. Let’s start with the players themselves.

NM Jon Burgess
IM Florin Felecan
NM Jeremy Kane
GM Nikola Mitkov
Trevor Magness
IM Jan van de Mortel
IM Mehmed Pasalic
NM Eric Rosen
IM Angelo Young

These guys deserve a round of applause from all Illinois chess fans, for showing up every week, playing hard, often (usually) against higher-rated opponents, and giving us a team we can root for and be proud of.

Thank you, gentlemen.


IM A. Young said...

Also Thanks to following persons:

Mr. G. Panner

Mr. S. Muradian

Mr. T Panelas

Mr. B. Dynako

Mr. D. Parmet

Mr.& Mrs. Rosen

Mr. T Sprandel

Mrs. M. Thorpe

All TD's for the blaze team.

And to all the Blaze supporters.

Holiday Inn as well

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. B Dynako .) Typo error

Where is my Sushi Sevan?